By Frank Nicholls

Carli Davidson

No one captures the whimsy and heartfelt love of pets and their owners like Carli Davidson. Carli Davidson is an experienced animal trainer and award-winning freelance and commercial photographer who has an eye for catching each of her beloved animal subject's personalities in a humourous way that will fill your heart with joy and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Using her real-world understanding of animal behaviour, she manages to capture these precious animals in a way that will have you staring in amazement or laughing uncontrollably (especially the “SHAKE” series).


Carli's goal is to encourage her animal friends to just be themselves; making them feel comfortable enough in front of her camera, allowing her to take these incredibly timely shots.

“Animals are my people. They’re honest, loving, food-motivated, and do totally gross things on a regular basis. I spend much of the shoot rolling on the ground with whatever animal I’m working with, getting in their skin as much as possible, and encouraging them to open up to the camera.”

Many of the photographs she manages to get of her subjects are in motion, notably her “SHAKE” and “Fetch" collections. You can see every colour and minute detail in their fur as they shake or act playfully, a real-life illustration of the pure joy they feel. Browsing through her website and prints will evoke a lot of emotions; they'll make you smile, laugh, pull at your heart and leave a lasting impression as will her book, available at


The artist herself has said that she has a special fondness of working with animals that people often feel are “problematic” or damaged”, donating a lot of her time to animal rescues, often choosing physically disabled pets as her photogenic subjects. Carli's "Invincible" photo collection subjects are disabled pets, that thanks to her, have the opportunity to show the world how very special they are through her photography, giving us all a chance to appreciate their real beauty and the unconditional love they're so willing to give.


“I donate my time to animal rescues; one in particular works primarily with traumatized and physically disabled pets in rehabilitation. A lot of these animals are rescues—animals people at one point deemed too hard to care for or too sickly but have since found new homes with people who can appreciate their outrageous beauty.”

Being animal lovers ourselves we are huge fans of Carli’s work and will continue to follow her with admiration. Check out the amazing video of her "SHAKE" series below, it's pure gold.