By Frank Nicholls

Blurring Natures Lines With Andreas Lie

Norwegian-born artist Andreas Lie blurs the lines between wild beasts and their habitat by cleverly merging the two to create stunning double-exposure portraits that are to die for. 

Whether it be snowy mountain landscapes subtly blended into the coat of a wolf, or the majestic Northern Lights shining through the silhouette of a bear, Lie manages to elegantly capture the essence of the wild and beast by merging the two so they become one.

Lie portrays and interesting relationship between the animals and their habitats, reminding us that their existence is interwoven and complex. It is this relationship between animals and their habitats, and our perception as humans of that relationship, which Andreas captures in his art so beautifully.

 The beasts and the scenery are undoubtedly influenced and inspired by Lie’s surroundings in Bergen, Norway. While the city itself is like any other, the region is comprised of unspoiled mountains, forests, plains, and fjords. His subjects are an integral part of this natural habitat, which makes the magnificent artwork that he produces even more striking.

His work is available to buy on Society 6.