By Frank Nicholls

Cold Feet by Davide Luciano

This photography project by Davide Luciano has to be seen to be believed! He's taken animal feet and placed them into human scenarios, attempting to bring them to life without the use of motion. All the images can be purchased in the form of prints
Animals take on human characteristics in this photo series by Davide Luciano. Davide’s goal was to achieve personification of these animals’ body parts without the use of motion. Using photography’s ability to manipulate time, Davide presents a snippet of these creature ‘active’ lives by photographing a process, thus creating the illusion of life in these lifeless animal limbs. Recreating the uncomfortable into quizzical and whimsical photos that are bold, colorful, and always comical and satirical. 
The personification of animals feet is a bit creepy... but I like it. davideluciano-coldfeet-2davideluciano-coldfeet-3  davideluciano-coldfeet-4 davideluciano-coldfeet-5 davideluciano-coldfeet-6